Samantha C.

I spent several months looking through surgeons to undertake an abdominoplasty with, after speaking with Dr. Cardenas, I felt immediately at ease. That feeling continued during my consult with her where it was suggested that I do a circular tummy tuck instead, she reassured me that that it would be worth it despite a larger scar. It totally was and her positioning of it makes it a complete non-issue! She repaired my abdominal wall some 5.5 inches which has been so critical to my posture and core strength; I’m shocked at how I was able to function prior. She pulled me back in, tightened me up, took off extra skin, and re-sculpted my body in a way that I have been grateful for ever since! I have had greater self confidence, am more active and a got an added bonus that my metabolism actually shifted to reflect my new body type and I haven’t had to struggle to maintain my weight since the procedure. The procedure went exactly as planned, the staff facilitated everything seamlessly, were in excellent communication, and followed up regularly. The recovery went smoothly and the recovery staff were amazing, despite the drains, meds, and inability to stand up straight; it was a mini vacation. I would do it all over again if I had to and in the future if I ever need something I am totally confident in Dr. Cardenas’ talent and professionalism. .

Tuesday, 15 nov 2016

Ceci M.

I’ve been wanting to do a tummy tuck, BBL, and lipo for a very long time (17yrs). I researched for almost 3 yrs. to find the right surgeon. At last, I found one… Dr. Carmina Cardenas. Very compassionate, accommodating, caring professional, with a sculptor hand. She asked me to send her pictures of my incisions every 2 days to make sure that I don’t have infections ( replied on the same day). Check up every week. She’s amazing! I love my result! Her staff were hospitable, friendly, helpful & caring. Love them all! She is an amazing person. My experience with them so far, is… excellent!.

San Diego, California | Tuesday, 13 may 2014

Boni W.

My first experience with Dr. Cardenas was when my daughter had her body makeover. After losing a great deal of weight, I offered to pay for her extended tummy tuck. Little did I know how extremely expensive it was. Because it was out of my price range, my daughter started looking for surgeons in Mexico. I fought her every step of the way in the beginning. I was like many others who believed the doctors were substandard and conditions less than sanitary, not to mention the dangers or going to Mexico. When we went down for our initial consultation, I was very surprised. Dr Cardenas can provide pick/up drop off or you can park on the US side and grab a cab after entering the border. Dr. Cardenas was very cordial and extremely knowledgeable. She answered the long list of questions we brought with us and at no time did she make us feel we were wasting her time. My daughter’s surgery went well (she had an extended tummy tuck and under arm/waist lypo) and she said it was the best after care she has ever received after a surgery. Six months post op, my daughter was still extremely happy and said it was the best thing she ever did for herself.

Turning 50 was difficult for me. I seemed to put on a few pounds every month. Dieting and walking just didn’t seem to help. My body couldn’t adjust to the extra 30 pounds it was carrying around and self loathing was setting in. I decided that to do for myself what I did for my daughter. I decided that if I was going to put myself through the procedure, I was going all the way. I did the extended tummy tuck, back/waist lypo, and fat graph to my buttocks (as I had no rear). Dr Cardenas did a fabulous job of sculpting my butt and hips. Nothing extreme. It looks natural and has really accentuated my now tiny waist. My belly is rock solid and very tight! I think Dr. Cardenas does the most aggressive tummy tucks that will last 20 years. I recommend that if you do the tummy tuck, do the back/waist lypo too to get full results. Since the procedure, I have lost 25 pounds without dieting. I simply watch what I put in my mouth and walk a couple times a week when I have time. All the “fat” loss is what Dr Cardenassucked out of my body.

My experience was fantastic! It has been just over 6 months and I love, love, love my new body. Everybody tells me I look like a hot teen. The staff was knowledgeable and quick to respond to concerns, potty requirements, pain, nausea. You name it. When you rang the bell, they came running. Dr. Cardenas has treats her staff with respect and has a high expectation of her staff. While I was there, a patient felt her nurse was not responsive enough so Dr. Cardenas provided her with another nurse. Complete satisfaction is what they provide. The first two days I had difficulty eating without getting sick. I asked for fruit smoothies and watermelon. They went to the store and got what I asked for.

Most importantly, Dr Cardenas has fabulous follow up! I had concerns when I left the care facility so to put me at ease, she had me send pics of my incision and every day in a timely manner, she responded. When I had questions, they were always answered. I never felt that when I got to the states that I was on my own. I am so pleased with my surgery, the quality of care and the fantastic skills of Dr. Cardenas, that I have recommended the surgery to several friends. Worth the time and money. Hard to believe I had the complete body makeover (except breast augmentation) for a fraction of the price but same fabulous results as found here in the states… I am 52 and my body rocks!.

Los Angeles, California | Tuesday, 29 April 2014