Arm / Brachioplasty Procedure

The best candidates for an Arm Lift also known as Brachioplasty, are those who have loose hanging skin and excess tissue on the upper arms, with only minimal to moderate fat remaining in the arms. Many AWL patients refer their arms as their “bat wings” and are embarrassed to wear sleeveless clothing and have difficulty finding clothes that fit well for both their torso and arms.

In some cases where the arms still retain a significant amount of fat it may be best to begin with a preliminary liposuction procedure to remove the fat.  Then after 3 to 6 months for healing, the second procedure can be performed to remove the loose hanging skin. Dr. Carmina will do an evaluation as to what is best for her patient’s individual needs and explain all details.

There are two types of traditional arm lifts:


The incision is made in the hair bearing portion of the underarm.  This procedure can only be used in minor cases when the excess skin is confined to the medial third of the arm. (The closest area to underarm pit)


The incision runs along the underside of the arm from the axilla area to the elbow, rarely to the wrist.

Lateral Torsoplasty:

This unique and very detailed procedure is performed by Dr. Carmina and does not stop with just the arms.  The procedure involves the trimming and removal of excess skin and tissue from both front and back of the chest wall between the breast and armpit, the area that bulges a little over your bra and at the beginning of the underarm, as well as removing the excess skin from the upper arms to the elbow.  Being a woman, Dr. Carmina recognizes these special little areas that are unattractive and need a specialized sculpting procedure. As with all of Dr. Carmina’s surgeries it requires being customized to your individual needs. This procedure is often combined with breast surgery and or upper body lift.

Depending on which type of procedure you need, surgery may take from 2 to 4 hours. You may experience some pain for a few days, Dr. Carmina will prescribe medication for you.  Recovery time can be from 2 to 4 weeks, however you will need to avoid pushing or lifting heavy objects for the first month and continue to be careful with lifting for another month.

Dr. Carmina may want you to wear a compression garment.  Returning to work, if not strenuous is usually in 2 weeks.  It is always best to listen to your own body and check with us if in doubt.  Remember Dr. Carmina and her bilingual staff are always here to help you.

These procedures will rejuvenate and result in a more youthful appearance to your arms and entire upper body. Your desire to wear the clothing of your choice with confidence will become a reality as well as improving your confidence and self-esteem.