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With a relentless pursuit of the best results for each of her patients, Dr. Carmina strives to create a welcoming, caring and professional environment in her clinic. Her dedicated approach has made her one of the most sought after Plastic Surgeons in Baja California and her patients come from all over Canada and the United States.


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  • I was very pleased with my fat grafting and my tummy tuck. She really helped me gain confidence as previous surgeons did not meet my expectations. She took me in, listened to me and overall did an amazing job. I loved my ending result and I am happy with my new body. I would definitely recommend this doctor to other people and I would definitely have more work done with her if wished to do something else. She is good and trust worthy. I have been so pleased with her work I have had some sisters and family friends go meet her and get work done with her and every single person is very pleased and happy with the overall result(s).

    California | Wednesday, 08 december 2010

    Lety M.

  • I am very happy with the results I obtained with Dr. Carmina. She went above and beyond. She pointed out things about my body that I thought could not be made better with surgery. I am very happy I chose Dr. Carmina to work on me since she made me look very good. She has a wonderful staff that made me feel very comfortable and safe, that is very important to me. They took very good care of me while I was recuperating and I could never be happier. I would defenetly go back and will go back very soon.

    Hollister, California | Friday, 27 may 2011

    Erica C.

  • Hello everyone I'm a 22 years old female who was dieting hard along with going to the gym every single day to lose weight and look good. Obviously i would lose couple of pounds but always having the love handles and losing what I didn't wanted to lose. Finally one day I met Dr. Carmina and decided to get the lipo done, I also got some of my own fat inserted on my butt. Now I'm happy and so satisfied with the results that I'm planning to go back for a breast lift I proudly recommended Dr. Carmina she is a great surgeon plastic. Thank you.

    California | Wednesday, 08 June 2011

    Yesenia R.

  • It's been one month and a week after my surgery. I went to my mom's house today and was looking at some pictures of myself after I had my first born. I had flashbacks of why I wanted to get this procedure done in the first place. I breast feed my daughter for one full year, she is nine now. But you could only imagine how I felt for many years, I was so embarrassed of my saggy big boobs. I would never take my bra off when I was intimate with my fiancé. Now I want to show my boobs to all my girl siblings who are curious to see them. I feel so much better, I have so much pressure off my shoulders, I am a lot more comfortable in my body, and I am not afraid to take my bra off. I couldn't be more satisfied with the work Doctor Carmina Cardenas has done for me, she is the real deal ladies. Her price was affordable $4000 for breast reduction, It was the best decision I made. Doctor Carmina Cardenas staff offers world class service. They are very attentive, lovely, educated people.

    Los Angeles, California | Tuesday, 29 April 2014

    Estefany A.

  • I've been wanting to do a tummy tuck, BBL, and lipo for a very long time (17yrs). I researched for almost 3 yrs. to find the right surgeon. At last, I found one...Dr. Carmina Cardenas. Very compassionate, accommodating, caring professional, with a sculptor hand. She asked me to send her pictures of my incisions every 2 days to make sure that I don't have infections ( replied on the same day). Check up every week. She's amazing! I love my result! Her staff were hospitable, friendly, helpful & caring. Love them all! She is an amazing person. My experience with them so far, is....excellent!

    San Diego, California | Tuesday, 13 may 2014

    Ceci M.

  • I recently had a tummy tuck, lipo ,bbt , inner thigh lipo on 4-11-14 I researched many doctors and I came to choose the best doctor in Mexico Tijuana wich many people tell me I'm crazy for doing that. I put my faith in her and all was what I hoped for Dr Carmina is to me  an angel sent from my Holy Spirit thats in my own words. Is an amazing experience followed with her staff that are always on the alert for any questions or concerns Ms. Fatimeh, Ms Rosie been the greatest support  I recommend to the fullest. Thank u for caring.

    Bakersfield, California | Friday, 11 April 2014

    Sandra S.


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